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Hartley 10

Tender from CHF 3’600 inc. VAT
Sail version from CHF 5’700 inc. VAT
On the water, delivered to Richterswil

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Key benefits

Ideal for learner and intermediate sailors
Lightweight, safe, stable and fun
Easy to store and transport
CE rated for up to 2 people
No Swiss licence required



Hull length: 2.94 m (12 feet)
Beam: 1.28 m
Hull weight: 45 kg
Sail area: 3 m2
(official Swiss measurement)
CE certified for 2 persons maximum load

The Hartley 10 is the perfect, fun, lightweight dinghy for learning to sail, especially for lightweight sailors. It is ideal for single-handed sailing.

The H10 is available with or without sails, so it can be used as a tender, as a runabout under oars or outboard, or as a sailing dinghy.

In the sailing dinghy version, the H10 is supplied as standard with a single sail, a soft-reefable main on a free-standing mast. A high-performance battened main and uprated controls and fittings are also available as options. The boom is high and the self-draining cockpit deep, so there is minimal need to stoop, even for adults.

The hull weighs just 45 kg and the mast is in two-parts, so the Hartley 10 is really easy to store (indoors or out) and transport (car top or trailer). The cherry on the cake is that it is practically maintenance free, so it is a very well-mannered boat to live with.

Of course, the Hartley 10 excels on safety too. Its wide beam and deep hull make it very stable and forgiving. If you should capsize, it is surprisingly easy for even the smallest and lightest sailors to right with its in-built righting lines, and its inherent buoyancy makes it almost impossible to invert. For added safety, the central mainsheet position and open transom minimise the risk of getting trapped in the event that you end up under the boat.

Our verdict: A hugely versatile boat, ideal for children and smaller adult learners.

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