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Hartley 12.2

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Key benefits

Stayed rig with versatile sail plan
Perfect training boat
Asymmetric and symmetric spinnakers available
CE rated for up to 3 people
No Swiss licence required



Hull length: 3.70 m (12 feet)
Beam: 1.55 m
Hull weight: 62 kg
Sail area: 7 m2
(official Swiss measurement)
CE certified for 3 persons maximum load

The Hartley 12.2 shares a hull with the Hartley 12, but has a stayed rig instead of a free-standing mast, and is fitted with a thwart. Supplied with 2 sails as standard, the H12.2 can be sailed with 1, 2 or 3 sails depending on conditions, crew numbers and experience.

Like all of Hartley Boats’ rotomoulded dinghies, it is very stable and robust; the odd gentle (or not so gentle) knock resulting from a misjudged jetty landing is highly unlikely to cause any damage.

One of the key benefits of the Hartley 12.2 is the ability to fit either an asymmetric or symmetric spinnaker system. This makes it perfect for learning how to sail with a spinnaker – no huge forces to cause fear in the novice, and the rigging is a masterpiece of simplicity.

Since there is plenty of space for 2 people in the Hartley 12.2, it is easy for the novice and instructor to sail together, making it possible to learn how to helm and crew with a spinnaker, with the peace of mind that support is close to hand.

Of course, like the Hartley 12, in the event of a capsize – either intentional as part of the learning process or accidentally – the 12.2 is incredibly easy to right and its centre mainsheet and open transom minimise the risk of entrapment.

A racing upgrade is also available.

Our verdict: If you find the thought of learning to sail with a spinnaker slightly scary, then the Hartley 12.2 is the perfect, confidence-inspiring learning tool that you will continue to enjoy even when you are experienced.

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