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From CHF 11’000 inc. VAT
On the water, delivered to Richterswil

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every boat hand-built to order!

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Key benefits

Fast and agile
Dual sail controls
One design
CE rated for up to 2 people
Available in a choice of colours



Length: 4.3 m
Beam: 1.5 m
Hull weight: 50 kg
Sail area: 6 m2
(official Swiss measurement)
CE certified for 2 persons maximum load

If speed floats your boat, then the Supernova is for you!

This single-sail, single-handed dinghy is one of the fastest models on the market without wings and trapeze. Its performance is particularly impressive in light winds, which is ideal for some of our Swiss lakes, yet there’s no loss of the fun factor.

As you would expect from an out-and-out speed machine, it has a high-performance mylar sail, coupled with a lightweight sealed mast, although a smaller sail is also available as an option for lighter helms or for very strong wind conditions. Like all the Hartley Boats we carry in our range, it has a centre mainsheet, as well as an open transom. In addition, the other sail controls (kicker, downhaul, mast rake) are led to both sides of the boat for maximum accessibility and adjustability. The epoxy-laid hull with internal stiffening makes for maximum strength and minimum weight. Every boat is hand-made to order in the UK and weighs in at just 50 kg.

If traditional race models leave you looking for something different, you have to try the Supernova!

Our verdict: we are hugely impressed with the Supernova. Deceptively fast, whilst remaining well-mannered for the experienced sailor. We’d love to see classes of Supernovas racing in Switzerland!

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